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Upgrading Your Sliding Wardrobes With Vinyl Wraps

Upgrading Your Sliding Wardrobes With Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl Wraps For Wardrobes

Are your wardrobes starting to look tired and old? Worried out the cost of replacing them? Then vinyl finishes could help to spruce up the way they look and maintain them for many years to come. Vinyl wrapping is highly durable and hard wearing and protects against general wear and tear.

From solid block colours to wood finishes and much more, there are many different types of vinyl finishes to choose from. Whether you have wardrobes in your home or if it’s for commercial premises such as a hotel, then vinyl finishing could be the most cost-effective option.

Why Wrap Your Wardrobe in Vinyl

Wardrobes are notorious for taking knocks and everyone enjoys redecorating, but replacing wardrobes can be an expensive cost. With the ability to wrap your wardrobe you can create a whole new look without such a huge outlay.

It’s not just when your wardrobes are past it, maybe you just want a new colour or finish, vinyl allows you to flex your creativity and keep all parts of your room fresh. Vinyl has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and offers a hard wearing surface that won’t tear easily.

Benefits Of Using Vinyl Wrap For Wardrobes

Should you choose to have your fitted sliding wardrobe doors wrapped, you’ll reap the benefits. No matter what the reason might be for wrapping your wardrobes, the benefits won’t change. Some of the main benefits of vinyl wardrobe wrapping are:

  • Affordable – Vinyl wrapping is an affordable solution and alternative to replacing the wardrobes as a whole.
  • Quick & Easy Process – The vinyl wrapping process is quite easy and doesn’t take too long to carry out. This means you can have new look wardrobes without having to wait weeks for delivery and installation like you would if you purchased new.

  • Protects The Item – One of the biggest benefits of vinyl wrapping is it helps to maintain and protect the original door. Those scratches and scrapes won’t be hitting the door directly and the vinyl will be taking the brunt instead.

  • Embrace A New Style – If you’re someone that likes to change their style and decor regularly then, vinyl wrapping allows you to do this. There are many different finishes to choose from such as wood, block colours and many more.

Cheaper Then Replacing

One of the biggest advantages of wrapping your wardrobe in vinyl is it’s cheaper than replacing. As with any piece of furniture, fitted wardrobes come with a price tag that’s very different to just replacing cushions, so vinyl wrapping offers a more affordable solution. By choosing vinyl wraps you can benefit from not only a whole new look but a saving in your pocket too.

Upgrading Your Wardrobes With Vinyl Wraps

Once of the hardest things to change in your room is the wardrobe, especially when its fitted. Vinyl wrapping means you can benefit from a wardrobe that looks new, whilst protecting the original doors. Should you feel like a change again even after the vinyl has been applied, you can choose a new finish and have the old one removed.

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