Exterior Vinyl Finishes

Exterior Vinyl Finishes

Paint on a roll. No More painting or spraying exterior building facades or window frames.

Our premium quality Exterior Vinyl Finishes will transform your buildings cladding, windows, doors and panels.

Enhancing a building exterior by renovating its windows and facade. We can give you building exterior a fast yet simple cost-effective makeover using exterior vinyl. Save time and your money if we compare vinyl to traditional methods if using expensive repainting or remodelling of a building.

We can enhance the appearance of your building with our durable, cost-effective hard-wearing exterior vinyl finishes. With strong adhesives, our exterior vinyl can be applied in most weather conditions including Winter.

With no odours or downtime compared to traditional painting methods. We require no masking, plus our exterior vinyl requires no drying time. Unlike paint, applying our exterior vinyl’s will not need multiple applications or leave over-spray on nearby vehicles and neighbour properties.

Our external vinyls have a longe exterior life with 5-10 year durability.


Give you building a fresh, New Appearance – Versatile, Durable and Sustainable

  • For use on exterior windows, doors, cladding and panels
  • Ideal for both commercial and domestic properties
  • Add value and appearance to your property
  • Conforms over curved irregular surfaces for a smooth paint-like finish
  • A cost-effective solution versus conventional painting
  • No odours
  • UV Stable
  • Grey, permanent adhesive
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Hard-wearing to suit harsh British weathers
  • Large range of exterior vinyl colours
  • Efficient, clean and quick installation
  • 5-10 year durability




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