Wood Vinyl Wrap Laminates

Wood Vinyl Wrap Laminates

Suitable for Furniture, Walls, Doors, Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Tiles, Tables plus many other uses.

Not to be confused with cheaper alternatives. Our wood vinyls wraps are made of a very high quality material. Offering a durable and tough vinyl laminate finish. Designed to look and feel the same as more expensive natural materials without the cost or time to manufacture.

By using our hard wearing wood vinyl laminates you can change a door, room or furniture fast. Without the noise, dust or inconvenience of traditional refurbishment methods.

Our materials are UV stable, hygienic, waterproof, durable and easy to maintain with the added comfort of a 10 year warranty.

A very Cost Effective Environmentally Friendly for solution for furniture and walls in homes, restaurants, commercial, retail premises and hotels.

H10 - Light Grey Wood PanelH8 - Light Country PanelH7 - Light Vintage PanelH6 - Light Curmaru VerticalH5 - Castagno CaducciH4 - Hardwood PanelG7 - Eternal Gold GrainG6 - Light Grey WoodG5 - Dark Grey WoodG4 - Pearl WoodG3 - Burr WalnutG0 - Line OakF7 - Silver BlackF6 - Aged OakF5 - Dark OakF4 - Modern OakE4 - Amber ZebtanoE1 - Red ZebranoD4 - Dark ZebranoD3 - ZebranoD1 - TeakCT69 - Cream BrownCT35 - Golden EbonyCT17 - Light Cream WoodC3 - Honeyed MahoganyC2 - MahoganyC1 - Makore MahoganyB50 - Cream 1B9 - Ebony Light BrownB8 - Golden OakB6 - Brio Light AragonB5 - Medium BeechB4 - Pio Light OakB3 - Light BeechB1 - Light WengeAZ07 - Light Golden WoodAL34 - Gold Collection WoodAL14 - Traditional OakAG20 - Light Cream BeechAG14 - Cream Golden OakAG04 - Light Cream EbonyT50 - Silver DustedNE68 - Cream OakNE63 - Light Grey Oak GrainNE61 - Cream Grey OakNE46 - Grey EbonyNE13 - Shimmery Golden WoodJ18 - Grey 1J17 - White Light 1J14 - White WoodJ2 - Black Woodi16 - -Natural French Oaki15 - Cherry 1i14 - Maymac Oaki7 - Florida Mahoganyi6 - Natural BorneoH50 - Light Parquet

Professionally Installed

Wood Vinyl Wrap Finishes are heat conformable by a massive 200% allowing furniture corners to be moulded without unsightly joints. Create beautiful and aesthetically pleasing room by using our wood vinyl wraps. Recreating seamlessly and mimicking the visual and tactile appearance of natural materials.

  • Easy, effortless and ultra fast installation process.
  • Very Cost Effective Environmentally Friendly
  • Don’t dispose of old furniture; just recover it for an amazing transformation.
  • You can save up to 50% by refurbishing your existing surfaces Compared to the use of traditional refurbishment techniques.
  • Heavy duty at 250+ Microns in thickness
  • Super Hard Wearing and Durable. No peeling or shrinkage.
  • We offer a 10 year guarantee against scaling, crackling, yellowing and other changes in appearance.
  • Very Hygienic and Easy to Clean
  • A quick and easy material to maintain, its external surface’s remarkable qualities facilitate cleaning, prevent marking and impede mould growth, can be cleaned with simply soap and warm water.
  • Fully Certified
  • Rated A+ on VOC tests, UV resistant and fire resistant (complies with EU standard).

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